Organic Dorset ewe and lamb

Our sheep live their entire lives outdoors . From start to finish. They only ever eat the diverse pasture in our organic meadows.

Their presence on the farm is invaluable to maintaining the carbon in our soil. By using sheep the graze the grassland, we are able to capture carbon in the soil and keep it there. The sheep provide another income stream for the farm as well as ensuring that we never need to plough up or spray any of our fields. Our farm is not suitable for growing crops or building houses so sheep provide an income source directly from the natural capital locked in to our soil.

Sheep manure actually puts nutrients back in to the soil, naturally fertilising the grass species which they can then eat. They convert the nutrients in grass into nutrients that humans can consume with minimal environmental damage.

By grazing the sheep around the chicken range areas, their manure also provides a habitat for all kinds of insects which the chickens enjoy scratching for. Its all part of a holistic cycle to keep our land biodiverse and environmentally sustainable.

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