Happy, healthy Goats

Our goats produce milk that we sell fresh via courier, we also deliver frozen bottles throughout South Devon with free delivery to Dawlish and Teignmouth.

We ship our raw milk throughout England and Wales and can arrange for delivery of our gently pasteurised milk to Scotland.

Our goats are free to roam over 100 acres of organic meadows. They love browsing the wonderful variety of plant species we have here, giving them a really diverse diet which is essential for goats to thrive and produce delicious milk.

Most of the goats have names or nicknames, each has an individual personality and they are a joy to have around the farm.

They are also essential to keep our farm as natural as possible. Grain crops and monoculture grasses, would be difficult to grow on our steep, stony fields. However, the soil is the perfect habitat for hardy species like gorse, heather and biodiverse grass mixes which the goats adore. This means we can make use of everything nature has to offer here, without interfering.

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The Goldens

We have recently taken on a pedigree herd of Golden Guernsey goats. These are a rare breed and they are hardy and their milk has a higher butter fat quantity. We are hoping this will enable us to create more products from our milk, giving us creamier milk and allowing us to help in the preservation of this rare breed.

More products to come soon